Orchestra Handbook Information

Welcome to the Parent Information Page! We are so grateful for the opportunity to teach your wonderful children! Please look at all the tabs on our website for specific information on our Orchestra Calendar and information about upcoming events!

We will have an informational Parent Meeting on Thursday, September 5th. Parents of first year Orchestra students should arrive in the Medlin Cafeteria at 6:00 PM, and Parents of 7th and 8th graders that have already completed at least one year of Orchestra at Medlin should arrive at 7:00 PM. We will be going over all parts of the Orchestra handbook, as well as showing you how to access important resources, such as the website and Moodle pages. We hope to see you there!

Below is a link to an electronic copy of the Medlin Orchestra Handbook. Please carefully read through the handbook and complete the electronic signature form -OR- print, sign, and return the last page to Miss K or Miss Petrovic by Wednesday, September 19.

Medlin Orchestra Handbook

All important information will be covered in the Handbook and at the Parent Meeting. Below is some additional information regarding things covered in the handbook.

Private Lessons are a vital part of our orchestra program. All students should consider taking private lessons. A private instructor enhances the process of learning music and adds quality one on one instruction. Private string teachers come to Medlin during the school day to provide lessons during students' orchestra class. These lessons are available on a first come, first serve basis for 20 minutes at $20 per lesson. Each private teacher will contact the parents of students interested in taking lessons. The private teacher will set up their own schedule and let parents know about their preferred method for paying lesson fees, etc. More information regarding private lessons will be available soon!
Grading Guidelines:
Orchestra is a performance-based, co-curricular class. All grades will be assessments of the student's musical knowledge and performance abilities in orchestra. All students should expect to perform in front of their peers throughout the year for playing tests etc. during class. The orchestra is not based solely on individual accomplishment and achievement but also team effort and musical ensemble techniques.
All students are required to attend all concerts for their orchestra level. All Concerts are considered test grades and must be made a priority. Students and parents must make every effort to ensure they are in attendance. Students who do not attend concerts will be given a zero for a test grade. Student illness or family emergency are the only excusable reasons for missing a concert. In the case of student illness or family emergency, written notice must be received by note or email no more than three days following a concert. Not having a ride is not an excuse for missing a concert. Please notify the directors immediately if transportation is a problem. We can work with students and parents to provide a solution.
Classroom Grading Guidelines
During orchestra class, all students are expected to take care of their instrument, bow and supplies at all times. Students are expected to participate in all class activities and to do their best all the time. Students are expected to represent orchestra both in and out of class. We want our orchestra program to reflect excellence in and out of our classroom, even into the community. Students will be continually assessed on their posture, instrument maintenance and care, musical knowledge, performance knowledge, and ensemble playing.
Formative grades  = 40% of their average
Summative grades - 60% of their average
Formative grades will include but are not limited to short performance exams, short written music quizzes, posture checks, supply checks, etc.,
Summative grades will include but are not limited to performance exams on orchestra literature, written musical exams, instrument maintenance, ensemble techniques, rehearsal techniques,  etc.