Watch for supply kit information!

We will be offering supply kits at 6th grade pony camp, 7th & 8th grade schedule pick up days and the first few weeks of school.
The exact price for the kit has not yet been set, but the supplies will be
discounted 20-30% off retail.

It will be posted as soon as I hear back from the supplier. Thank you for your patience.

The kit will include:


   Art Supply Kit

   1 pair 6"-8" scissors
   1 PRANG 8C watercolor set
   2 glue sticks (.28 oz or larger)
   2 METAL personal sharpeners
   1 4-pack synthetic brush set (cheap)
   1 10 x 13" zippered mesh storage bag
   1 12 C colored pencils (non-erasable)
   3 Ebony pencils
   2 fine point black sharpies
   1 chalk pastel 12C set
   1 oil pastel 12 C set
   2 erasers (pink or white)