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Destiny and Sora

Using Destiny and Sora to Access Print, Audio and eBooks


Destiny portal icon

Destiny is what our NISD schools use for library book searching and checking-in and out. It can be located in the Student Portal or through clicking the icon above. Destiny also contains ebooks and audiobooks that can be checked out. Instructions for using Destiny for ebooks and holds can be found here


Young Adult Books

Young Adult Book Disclaimer:

The goal of the Medlin Learning Commons is for students to learn to self-select books which are appealing and appropriate for them to read. Students in middle school are becoming more adept at choosing books that are appealing for them as they branch out in their reading interests. Since middle school students encompass a wide variety of ages and maturity levels, books selected for the Medlin Learning Commons are typically designated for grades 5-8 or for grades 8 and up, otherwise known as Young Adult (YA) books. YA books may contain content that is for more mature readers, such as language, violence or mature situations. These books are designated on our book shelves with a Young Adult sticker for student awareness. Students are informed about the possible mature content of these books at the beginning of the school year. Included in that discussion is the point that if they choose to check out these books, they are conveying to the library media specialist and/or library ambassadors that they have their parent's approval to do so. If a parent does not want a student to check out YA books, it is up to them to have that discussion with their child.


Sora logo

Sora is NISD's ebook and audiobook platform. Like Destiny, it can be accessed through the Student Portal. While Destiny is campus-specific, NISD secondary schools share access to the Sora account. Instructions for using Sora can be found here