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Interested in checking out an eBook or audiobook through Destiny while the library is unavailable? You can get instructions here. 

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A Message about Overdue Library Books:
Please do not worry about books that were checked out right before spring break. Hold onto them for now (put them somewhere safe and easy to remember, like your backpack!) and when school resumes, you can turn them in. If you'd like a new book to read, consider checking out an audiobook or eBook from Destiny! Instructions are above if you need help.

Remote Library Hours:

Monday 4/6 8-10 AM, 1-2 PM
Tuesday 4/7 9-11 AM, 12-1 PM
Wednesday 4/8 9-10 AM, 12-2 PM
Thursday 4/9 10-11 AM, 1-3 PM
Friday 4/10 School Holiday

Library Basics:

  •  Students come to the library once each three weeks with their ELA classes
  • In addition, other subject areas may bring their classes in for lessons and book checkout as needed.
  • The library is open before school, during the school day and after school for check-in and checkout, and it is also a place for studying and schoolwork completion.
  • Students may check out up to three books at a time, which they may keep out for three weeks before they are overdue.
  • Students may renew a book once consecutive to its checkout if needed unless the book is on hold and not being read. 

    The mission of the Medlin Middle School library is to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of information and to promote reading as a lifelong pastime.




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