Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How many hours of community service are needed to qualify for Silver Star?

A.  One of the qualifications for Silver Star status is a minimum of 8 hours of community service completed and documented within the nine weeks grading period time frame. Please use the x2VOL online system here to track hours within a nine week's grading period.  Any hours earned after the last day of school and prior to the first day of school will be credited for summer hours which can be used towards the President's Volunteer Service Award. Please use the x2VOL online system here to track hours during the summer. 

Q.  What is Community Service?

A.  Community Service is defined as unpaid service above and beyond that which is normally expected as a member of the community.

Q. How does Medlin Middle School establish community service guidelines?

A.  We award hours based on the amount of time a student works.  An hour of work equals an hour of credit.

Q. What is the Volunteer Service Award?

A.   This is an award (certificate and pin) given to any student who completes a required number of community service hours.  For students up to 15 years old, the Bronze Award can be earned by completing 50-74 hours of service.  The Silver Award can be earned by completing 75-99 hours. The Gold Award is earned for 100 or more hours of community service.  

Q.  What kinds of service count and what doesn't?
  1. Mentoring/tutoring  other students will ONLY count as community service if it is under direct teacher supervision.
  2. Mission/service trips may count up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.  Travel time may not be counted.
  3. We count  hours that benefit the entire community.  Therefore, we do not count hours earned by babysitting for family and friends, mowing, pet sitting, or singing at church.  However, if you are performing at a nursing home those hours will count.
  4. Regular attendance at a club/organization meetings does not count.  However, if as part of the club you participate in a service project, the hours may count.
  5. Generally, activities that are expected or required as part of membership in an organization do not count.  For instance, decorating the gym for a dance as a STUCO member does not count.
  6. You may count service hours collecting donations or food preparation for charities.  Donating items to food drives or charities may not count toward community service hours.
Q. Can we "double dip" hours for National Junior Honor Society?

A.  Yes, community service hours completed for National Junior Honor Society may be "double dipped."  That is, community service hours that go toward NJHS credit may also be recorded for the Presidential Award.