Puberty Video Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:


In order to be proactive in our delivery of education concerning human growth and development we will be showing a video to our 5th & 6th grade students as part of our health curriculum. Parents may preview this program by simply going to the following link:


Both grade levels will be watching the videos on March 8, 2019 with their gender group only. These groups will watch these specific videos.


  • 5th Grade Girls: “Always Changing” – For Girls
  • 5th Grade Boys: “Always Changing” – For Boys
  • 6th Grade Girls: “Always Changing” – Co-ed
  • 6th Grade Boys: “Always Changing” – Co-ed

*District staff will be present with your students during viewing*


The NISD School Health Advisory Committee has previewed and recommended this program on growth and development for all NISD 5th and 6th grade students. The curriculum and presentations are aligned with district philosophy, as well as the state guidelines for abstinence-based education.


The video will describe the physical and emotional changes that occur in a child’s life and help students understand what will soon be happening to their own bodies.


You have the option of requesting that your child not participate in the above program. To do so, you MUST complete the form below and send it to your child’s homeroom teacher. Your child will be provided an alternative location while this program is being presented. If the form is not completed and sent to school, your child will participate in the program.