Private Lesson Information

Medlin Middle School Private Lessons

*The information below is taken from the Byron Nelson HS Orchestra website. All information is the same for our campus. Please contact teachers in the GREEN box for on-campus lessons.*

Why should my child take private lessons in addition to their participation in Orchestra?

Private Instruction is a chance for the student to work individually with a musician who specializes in playing their particular instrument.

The goal of these lessons varies from student to student. In one case, a teacher and student might set goals that resemble tutoring, or helping a student who is struggling to catch up with the work the rest of the class is working on.  In most cases the teacher and student are spending time studying more advanced technique and/or more challenging music. They choose etudes or studies that focus on expanding a student’s technical skills. They select solo literature that focuses on challenging the student and displaying their advancements learned via the etudes and studies.  

The private lesson differs from the classroom in that the classroom focuses on the ensemble or “team” parts of playing. Working together, the students are mixing different elements of rhythm and pitch together skillfully and accurately to produce something greater than the individual parts.

Each of these aspects to playing is important, but they are very different and work best when combined for the student.

Please watch the video at the link below for more information regarding private lessons: Private Lessons Video

Link to find a private teacher: