Incoming 5th Graders/New Orchestra Students

Interested in Joining Orchestra?
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In lieu of instrument fittings, please check out the Instruments of the Orchestra flyer with recordings HERE.
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We are so excited to welcome all of the new members of our Orchestra Family!

Orchestra Directors, Heidi Kaminski and Andrea Petrovic,
Office Phone: 817-698-1522

New Student FAQ

Why should I join Orchestra?
Orchestra is more than just a class. The students in Orchestra create a "family-like" atmosphere, and it is a great way to make friends throughout all of the middle school grade levels. as well as into high school and beyond! In addition to learning about music and how to play our instruments, orchestra students have many fun bonding opportunities including performances, field trips, parties, and more!
In Orchestra, students will develop other life-long, non-musical skills that they will definite use for the rest of their lives, including self-discipline, responsibility, cooperative learning, and problem solving skills. Although every student may not become a professional musician or orchestra director in the future, they will undoubtedly use these skills learned in the Orchestra classroom in future endeavors!

Can I be in Orchestra if I've never played an instrument?
Yes! Being in Orchestra does not require any previous experience. We all start from scratch! Instrumental instruction will begin within the first week of school, so it is extremely important that students have an instrument and all supplies so that they do not fall behind.

What supplies will my student need to participate in Orchestra?
Please click the "Supply List" link on the left to see a list of supplies for Beginner Orchestra students.

How do i sign up for Orchestra?
First, put a 1 next to Orchestra as your first elective choice. Then, make an appointment to try out all of the Orchestra Instruments on April 1st or 4th and choose your favorite! Miss Kaminski and Miss Petrovic will help you find your perfect Orchestra Instrument Fit! We will also have information about rentals and other supplies needed for next fall.

I want to participate in two Fine Arts classes next year. Am I able to do that?
Yes! Here at Medlin, our fantastic Fine Arts staff has the pleasure of teaching many students that take two Fine Arts classes all through middle school. If you choose to be in Orchestra you can also be in Choir, Band, Art, P.E., Athletics, Theater, Cheerleading, etc! If you have questions about fitting Orchestra into your schedule. Please email or call me!

We are so excited to have you join the Medlin Orchestra Family! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or See you soon!


  • What instruments are included in the Orchestra Family?

In Orchestra, students will learn how to play one of four string instruments: violin, viola, cello, or bass. Below is a description of each. Students will have their choice of instrument, but Miss Kaminski and Ms. Petrovic will give suggestions of which instrument to play to ensure student success!

​The violin is the smallest of the orchestra family. Because its strings are shortest, it produces the highest sound. Violins can play sitting down or standing up because the instrument is played on the violinist's left shoulder - even if you're right handed!

The viola is the medium instrument of the orchestra. It is a little bit bigger than the violin, with longer strings. It makes a rich, warm sound that is lower in pitch than a violin. It is a little heavier than the violin, but it is still played on the violists left shoulder.

The cello is the second largest instrument of the orchestra and plays even lower than the viola. to support its longer strings, it is more than twice as big as the viola, so cellists sit down to play, resting the instrument against their bodies. The cello makes beautiful, rich, and powerful sound.

The bass, the "Big Daddy" of the orchestra, is not an instrument for the faint of heart! The instrument is often taller (and wider) than the person playing it. Because the bass has the longest strings of any orchestra instrument, it also sounds the lowest, and serves as the foundation of the orchestra.

All of these instruments are so important to making the Orchestra sound balanced and beautiful! Here is a link to an article with more information about each instrument and how to choose the right instrument:

Choosing a String Instrument: The First Step in the Musical Journey