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Welcome to Art! Mrs. Lovern and Mr. Marvin are excited to start another amazing year creating with our students! We have fun activities planned in Intro to Art, Art Foundations, Art1, and our new program Digital Art &Animation. Here you will find the schedules for this year, teacher syllabuses, and information for supply kits.
At Medlin Middle School, every day is a great day to create! 

Mrs. Lovern Schedule
Mrs. Lovern

1st- Art Foundations
2nd- Intro to Art
3rd- Intro to Art
4th- Art Foundations
5th- Intro to Art
6th- Intro to Art
7th- Planning Period
8th- Art Foundations
Mr. Marvin Schedule
Mr Marvin

1st – Digital Art and Animation

2nd – conference

3rd – Digital Art and Animation

4th – Digital Art and Animation

5th – Art 1

6th – Art 1

7th – Art 1

8th – Art 1