HS Art I, Intro to Art

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Daily Schedule:

1st period - Intro to Art
2nd period - HS Art I 
3rd period - HS Art I 
4th period - Intro to Art 
6th period - HS Art I 
7th period - HS Art I 
8th period - HS Art I

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Art I Netschool
Intro to Art Netschool

Medlin Middle School Mission Statement

The Medlin Learning Community will create and maintain a high level of critical thinking and achievement as determined by district, state, and national standards. As we progress through a challenging and engaging curriculum in an instructionally safe environment, staff members, students, parents and neighbors will maintain a comprehensive system of support to ensure success while insisting on integrity for all.

In accordance with the NISD grading policy, assignments that are 1 day late will have a 15 point deduction and 2 days late will have a 30 point deduction.
When looking at art grades on-line, I will use a ".1" for an assignment that is 1 day late and a ".2" for an assignment that is two (or more)     days late.