Supply List

Required Orchestra Supplies 2017 - 2018

On this page, you will find the required supplies for Orchestra. All levels of Orchestra are required to have the same supplies. Some of the supplies differ depending on which instrument you are playing, so be sure to pay close attention to what you will need specifically for your instrument. If you have any questions about these supplies, please email or call us!

  • Instrument and bow - Violins and Violas will have to bring their isntruments back and forth to school each day. Cello and Bass players will have access to a school-owned instrument to use during the school day, but will need to rent an instrument for at home practice and concerts.
  • Rosin
  • KORG Clip On Electric Tuner
  • Instrument Cleaning Cloth - any clean cotton cloth will work
  • Everest Shoulder Rest (Violin and Viola ONLY)
  • Rock stop or Xeros Strap (Cello and Bass ONLY)
  • Wire stand for at home use
  • 1" 3 ring binder and plastic sheet protectors
  • Pencil pouch that can be clipped into the binder
  • Beginner Students ONLY - Sound Innovations Orchestra Book 1

Click here for a detailed supply list for each instrument.

Below is a list of general supplies for each grade level. The 1" binder included on this list is the one that will be used for Orchestra, as well as the page protectors and some of the loose leaf paper. ALL students will need a pencil pouch that can clip into their Orchestra binder to hold pencils, rosin, cleaning cloths, tuners, and other supplies. If you have any questions about the required Orchestra supplies, please email or call!