7th & 8th Cheerleading Information

Reminders for 7th & 8th grade Cheerleaders:

For all Football away game days, it will be noted on calendar our away games for 7th & 8th grade, all 7th & 8th grade cheerleaders are required to wear their "MMS' shirts with jeans. 

For home games, all 7th & 8th grade cheerleaders are required to wear, their cheer uniforms, 
 they MUST wear their hair in a slicked back pony tail
with their bow.  No bumps, braids, tails, or anything else.  The idea is to look uniform and the same.
Cheer shoes, with no-show white socks, are also a mandatory piece of their uniform. 
Flip flops or other footwear should never be worn with the uniform.
All of the must be worn all day on game day!
**Important- you must ALWAYS be signed out by a parent/guardian from any cheer event or game.  If someone else is signing you out I need to be aware of it.  If we cheer for the C or B game and you are allowing your cheerleader to stay for the other game, they must pick up or print out the form attached and give it to me, if they do not have the form they will receive demerits as specified below for being picked up late.  A phone call is not allowed only the form will be accepted.  click here for form:  permission to stay form
****If you are staying with permission you MUST change out of your cheer uniform.
What NOT allowed during practices, game days, or cheer events:
Jewelry (earrings, necklace, ring, etc.-when in doubt ask Mrs. Totty or do NOT wear it)
Color nails or nail polish--ONLY clear is allowed
cell-phones, they must remain on silent and in the cheerleaders bag

**On game days, please provide your child with their own snack and water bottle prior to the event.  The cheerleaders will not be allowed to interact with the crowd (even if it is for a water bottle). 

 Remember, if you miss a practice prior to a performance (game/pep rally/ect) you will not be able to perform...even if it is an "excused absence" (doctor/dentist/ortho/ect).

Late pick up policy:  if your child is not picked up at the scheduled time a practice, game, or cheer event is over  they will be allowed a 5 minute late pick up without demerits but demerits will be given for every 5 minutes after that, until they are picked up.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me ltotty@nisdtx.org or call at:
Mrs. Totty 817-215-0537
Mrs. Totty