Community Service Hours ~ Silver Star



Silver Star Qualifications
(per each 6 weeks)

*85 or higher cumulative average in all courses (excluding PE & Athletics)
*No office referrals
*A minimum of 5 hours of community service completed and documented within the six weeks grading period time frame

Due Dates for 2017-2018:
Summer Hours start May 27th - August 27 (Incoming 6th grade students, you may start entering hours on May 27th.)
1st Six Weeks - August 28th -Friday, September 29th
2nd Six Weeks - September 30th - Friday, November 3th
3rd Six Weeks - November 4th - Sunday, December 31st This will conclude hour for    2017 Presidential Award hours.
4th Six Weeks - January 1st - Friday, February 16th
5th Six Weeks - February 17th - Friday, April 12th
6th Six Weeks - April 13 - Friday, June 1st 

*Qualifying hours for the Presidential Service Award will be calculated for service hours turned in for the period of one calendar year with dates being January 1st - December 31st. Hours earned in the summer will be counted towards this award. Total hours of service for the calendar year must be 50 or more to receive this prestigious award!* 

 Silver Star Privileges
  • New ID Badge each six weeks showing Silver Star status.
  • Students with their Silver Star ID will be able to respectfully move to the front of the lunch line. 
  • Students with their Silver Star ID will have access to the courtyard during lunch or tall table in the cafeteria.
  • Promotional discounts for dances and sporting events will be announced. 
  • Silver Star students will receive a t-shirt upon their first time to receive the award!     
Questions??? Please call or email Pam Rodgers, Counseling Secretary or 817-215-0511.